Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who remembers Street Wear?

Good morning everyone!
Sorry to be late in posting my latest mani, everything has been a bit hectic here. In addition to Thursday being one month since surgery and me having stress that I still can't bend my toe whatsoever, I just got news the other day that we have to move to Osaka. Yes, we have to move YET again, despite that I can't walk. Awesome huh?

Well, here's the belated manicure in question!
I LOVE Street Wear. Remember how it was promoted in Josie's hotel room in Josie and the Pussycats? Can't get enough of it! Erika gave me this one, the color's name is Slip and it's such a pretty color. To give this mani a rustic, antique-y, burgundy look, I applied base coat, then a coat of red nail polish, three coats of Slip, then clear coat on top to finish it off. It looks great, and would actually be an awesome autumn manicure.


  1. I remember them :winks: Very pretty manicure, it does have an antique look to it!

  2. I love Street Wears :) I remember they were some of the most unique colors of their time.