Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Clarins 230 - Unicorn Pee Swatched!

I finally got to swatching this in good lighting, and this post will need little words - here is the gorgeous RAOK present Clarins 230. :) (i have oil on my cuticles so they look a little funky) It's also pretty apparent that I smooshed my ringfinger a little - whoops! But I don't think it averts the attention away from the beauty!

This is layered over 2 coats of Zoya Zara.

In direct sunlight:


  1. I love it!!!! Kind of looks a little like Zoya's new color Dannii :)

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  3. OMG I would have cried if I got this as a RAOK!! Congrats!!! It looks awesome :) I had to delete my first comment, lol, my keys on my keyboard were not being nice, lol.

  4. thank-you!! It does look a bit like Danni doesn't it??

    I actually did tear up and then scream and scare my boyfriend a bit, then jump up and down, and ran off to swatch :) And the sweetheart that gave this to me wishes to remain anonymous. Wow. She just wanted to do something totally nice for somebody else. I'm definitely going to follow her example!

  5. i love this color !!
    i need one :)