Sunday, December 26, 2010

An Amazing Christmas, New Deborah Lippmanns, and SNOW! (Julie)

Christmas was a success! Spent the eve at Dad's, and dressed my shih-tzu Abba up as an elf--- I normally don't subject my pups to that kind of torture but she just looked so damn cute.

Spend Christmas day at moms, the back home to exchange with my boyfriend, Liam. He bought me new car speakers for my jeep, 2 new Coach bags, The "magic bullet" (no, that's nothing perverted!) - and his Godmother bought me 2 Deborah Lippmann swatches that I picked out at Nordstrom. Ruby Red Slippers, and Across the Universe. I only got around to swatching Across the universe because I have been dying to give it a try, and I'd like to keep it on for a day or so :)

Then I woke up this morning and HELLO snow! We are expecting anywhere from 8 inches to 16 inches in NY. It's looking like a winter wonderland outside. It might not have snowed on xmas day, but this is the next best thing :)

Here is Across The Universe -
Initially, I applied 3 coats of DL's Across the Universe and it was too chunky and I removed it. What a waste! I then decided to apply 1 coat of DL's Across the Universe on top of 1 coat of black NP by China Glaze. That is the best black np I've had so far! It only needs one coat, applies with no mess, smooth, and evenly. So here is Across the Universe as photographed this morning.

Here are my 3 Debora Lippmann's together...all that sparkle! So pretty!

I will swatch Ruby Red Slippers either this evening or tomorrow. But for now, here's a close up of the swatch inspired by Dorothy, herself ;)

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