Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Little Bit of Cash Went a LONG Way Today - Sally Sale Haul! (Julie)

I'm still quite high off my Sallys sale haul today. And mind you I had no idea they had their markdowns out today! I was just visiting starbucks and I saw that beloved table of markdowns out and packed full of sparkling bottles of I ducked in, and the prices were infreakin'credible! They were practically GIVING the stuff away. The sale was an additional 50% off the already marked-down price.

First I went to see what kinda nail polish they had on sale - not all that much left, I'm sure all the good colors sold out immediately. But I did get the stragglers. They had China Glaze Xmas sets for $4.99, then 1/2 3 China Glazes for $2.50 (wow!) and peppermint cuticle oil for .99 and 1/2 off that price. There was so much stuff to buy! I also found a super cute caboodle marked down to $10, and half-off that price.

Now for the list - my haul-

2x - Mummy-May-I by China Glaze (Cus it's super pretty!!) for $1.00 each
1x - Ick-A-Bod-y - by China Glaze for $1.00
1x - Peppermint Cuticle Oil by China Glaze for $1.00
1x - Savvy FC *my first of this brand* in Tinsel swatch for $1.00
1x - caboodle carry case in Hounds tooth for $5.00
1x - Green hologram stars nail art for $1.50
1x - Sally Girl Pink Loose Glitter for $.40 cents
1x - Sally Girl Red Loose Glitter for $.40 cents
1x - 5 second Manicure (nail/cuticle oil) for $2.50
Oh, and nail polish remover cus I needed it (not on sale!)

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