Thursday, October 10, 2013

Essie "The lace is on" Fall 2013 collection

Fall is finally here, not so much in New York because the temp has been in the late 70's.. the other day we hit 80. I mean really now? I need an excuse to wear my bulky sweaters, come on people.

But I digress, Essie has really been upping their game lately, the new fall colors have been really.. well.. different! You expect fall colors, browns.. reds... the like, but they have an awesome duo chrome and a glitter and well this:
Um hello, gorgeous!

Sorry for the yellow tint, until my 64 gig media card comes up I'm reduced to using my iPhone for pictures! Hold me. #White girl problems...I know. But I got so used to taking much better pictures with my g11 that I have been spoiled. Them's the breaks. But I must run off now, I've got nannying to do.

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