Sunday, October 6, 2013

What's your biggest nail why does this exist?

You know exactly what I am talking about, the nail polish styles that make you go, why did they make this? Okay I might get burned at the stake for this, but why does Matte polish exist? The one thing I love about nail polish is the glossy glossy finish, I go to great lengths to have extra ooh la la. But matte polish defeats this! When the matte polishes came rolling out, I walked away puzzled. But to each their own, some people loved the mattes, still do. But for now, I am good.


Textured polishes have me at 50/50. Some companies have done a really good job with it.  Zoya, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR PIXIE DUST POLISHES. I WANT THEM ALL. And when you put on a topcoat, DROOL.
Thanks All laquered up!


 Those gumdrop polishes, those are gorgeous.
I have the red one, from my friend Tarah, it rocks my socks.
But some companies, I wont name, well they missed the ball. And they cost almost the same as the Zoya's, more then the gum drops, and they are already on clearance. So I guess I wasn't the only one that thought they stank...pew pew pew.

But seriously, what nail polish out there makes you go hmmmm?


  1. Crackle is my "seriously, why?" nail polish fad that I just don't get. I even have a bottle because I wanted to give it a chance and I hated it. I don't understand it at all. It looks like the nail polish died on my hand and I failed to clean it off.

    I like matt though - it's a nice effect if you combine it with a glossy look. I never do a complete matte though because I find that it chips very quickly and I think that defeats the purpose of painting your nails. I always feel like we should model the look for at least three days before wiping it clean again (or until it chips).

    I almost bought a gumdrop polish too and I held back - now I regret! I knew they were good quality!
    FYI - this is a great post! It's made me chatty tonight lol.

    1. Aww this comment, it made my morning! I love chatty comments! I feel like YES SOMEONE LIKES MY POST! I could never achieve the crackle effect from the 10+ polishes I bought, I always messed it up! I should try what you do, incorporate a little matte, change it up!
      I can never find the gum drops, my friend works in riteaid and she mailed me one from Virginia because in NY, they were completely htf. I gave up! So if you do find one, covet it because they really are amazing!
      Oh and I 100% agree, 3 days, new manicure, I am so lazy though that I never quite get there.
      xoxo erika