Saturday, January 14, 2012

LA Girl Glitter Addict Celebrate

Hi everyone, I'm back from my trip back home to NY :)
LA Girl Glitter Addict Celebrate by KitaRei
LA Girl Glitter Addict Celebrate, a photo by KitaRei on Flickr.

This is one of the many, many goodies that I got during the 3 weeks that I was there. I happened to be in Rite Aid picking something for Yoshi up, and I happened upon a LA Girls Glitter Addict end cap. They were all good colors, but this one grabbed me in particular. It is a red, silver, blue, and pink chunky/mini glitter mix. It really stood out to me in particular since this glitter mix is not your regular multi-glitter, it's like the colors of the flag with a little pink mixed in. ::already has ideas for a July 4th mani::


  1. *dreamy sigh* What a great glitter polish! I wish this had come to my neck of the woods.

  2. :gazes into crystal ball:

    I see an amazing summer 4th of july mani in your future!

  3. This looks really really cool - I would have bought it too if I had seen it. :)

  4. They really are! It's probably meant as a topcoat, but it can totally be worn on its own, it's much more dense than Wet n Wild Party of Five Glitters. If you see this collection in Rite Aid, grab some!