Friday, January 13, 2012

If you have children in the room, cover their eyes because..

I have polish porn for you! I'm madly in love with Kleancolor! I just recieved a package from a seller on ebay with my lot of Kleancolor polishes, and wow.. I can't stop drooling. I quickly took some snaps of them, and the pics do not do justice!

Bluebell chunky holo, amazing!

This one is Kleancolor Fuchsia, it's been compared to unicorn pee and Nfu oh 51. Gorgeous!
Just a short one tonight, but I needed to blog about this, I am def. ordering more.. I have a sickness. can you tell? Ta ta for now!


  1. I got my Kleancolors on Ebay! I need to get some more!!!!

  2. I have the Neon set. I should definitely get more!!!

  3. There's nothing like receiving packages full of beautiful nail polish. You got yourself some really pretty ones. :)

  4. Eeeee... these are brilliant!!!! :D

  5. I love Kleancolors! They are so amazing and so inexpensive!

  6. You forgot to mention you found a few of them in the dollar store ;) They're so pretty... I really should've gotten a holo or two, (I got two regular glittery kleancolors) but I held back this time (I have too much polish..really.) When I come back over the summer we're going back there and I'm definitely picking a few up!

    1. I did! In the bottom! :scrolls page: Im going to post pics tomorrow, I dont want to jack your post by posting!

  7. I just had my first taste of Kleancolor from amazon and they are awesome! I bought a bunch of the chunky glitters, I need to try out the holos.

  8. Oh WOW!

    Thanks for all of the replies, sorry I am late. I actually just ordered more. I know.. I know. But they are so amazing! I think the next giveaway will be a ton of these because they are so gorgeous:)