Thursday, December 1, 2011

World Aids Day

Every December 1st, is World Aids day. I usually rock a red ribbon and try to buy at least 1 or two Red products. It also doesn't hurt that red is my favorite color dejour since I was born. (okay not exactly the day, but I'm sure I was pretty young!) So guys, please rock your ribbon or some red nails!
This past week I was in New Orleans for the Thanksgiving holiday, (I hope everyone had a great one! ) I visited my sister, her husband, and my niece Mariam.
I am not even remotely kidding, right after I took this shot, she erupted in tears..Someone doesn't like their picture being taken me thinks.

But okay back on subject! One of my favorite Zoya's is Sooki, it to me, is just the perfect cherry red with a jelly finish. I own a few red Zoya's, but this one just always grabs me. If you do not own it, get to it now. NOW.

I did this last night, but for the life of me can not find my memory card for my camera. So I had to use horrid lighting and my iPhone to capture the beauty. Of course I had to put some kind of art on my ring finger. It just felt naked! I thought a simple candy cane would be the perfect image for the first day of December.
It figures I have amazing painting skills and moisturized cuticles and my memory card is missing. Puh.

Okay, that's is it for now.


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