Friday, December 2, 2011

Teal-y fast and teal-y beautiful!

Okay, that was corny! But I had too go there! I picked up one of the new Sally Hansen Insta-dry a few weeks ago, and I love it. The color is a mix between teal and indigo. Just a striking color. It's really hard to peg it as just a teal color, so that's where the indigo comes in. I love these polishes because they really do dry insanely fast! These are great for little girls who love to have their nails painted, but don't want to wait more than ten seconds to go play.

But you know me, can't leave well enough alone and had to coat them with China Glaze fairy dust. Thank you (once again) Julie for telling me about this color, it just makes any polish look a billion times more beautiful.

Found my camera card! And the sunlight was streaming in!

and then the sun was gone..
But that's it for now, time to hit the hay!



  1. SO pretty! I've passed on it several times, hope I can find it!

  2. I like the teal, but you're right, Fairy Dust does magic to every colour. :)

  3. Erika i wonder how it'd look with the glitter heavier at the nail tips. Your nails look so long and strong. Mine need some serious help right now :( I was thinking of getting gel done today.

  4. Hey polish and charms, ive seen it the cheapest at target! thanks:)

    Ashesela, Thank you:)

    Rainbowify me,
    Thank you for agreeing:)

    hey julie!
    I wanted to do it, but i literally have like nothing left in the bottle, i just ordered a new one! The girls love fairy dust so im always using it on them. Did you get the gel done? And the pic is so deceiving! But I have been taking care of my nails and my diet, so maybe its helping a little:)

  5. I love SH Insta-Dri's.. they're great and the line has some nice colors. I don't have this one yet, but I've had my eye on it. Fairy Dust is my favorite laying polish.. it has the tiniest, prettiest holo glitter ever ;]