Monday, November 21, 2011

Nail Art!

Remember when I did that flower nail art a few months back? This one. Well I thought, " hey let me try out that fall version that I was talking about at the end of the post. I didn't quite turn out the way I was imagining. I tried something different and I like!


I used a brand called Fresh Paint, which the only store I have seen it in is a store called Five Below.  Ive only been there once, but I fell in love! It had the best selection and I also found Funky Fingers! The color is a really pretty beige with hints of brown and pink and the drying time was under a minute! The I used Burgundy from Revlon. I wanted to use Lincoln Park after Dark, but it was too dark. The for the gold, I used Rochelle from Zoya, it's a beautiful gold! It also looks much more copperish in the bottle. And for the last part, just small dots of pink glitter nail art polish from Kiss.

But when I was finished.. it just felt off. It also almost had a cheetah/leopard look to it, which isn't a bad thing per say, I just wasn't going for that look! I grabbed Nubar 2010, and ta da, flaky goodness:)
When in doubt, go flaky;)

Okay, enough from me, back to work!


  1. it does remind me a leopard print. It looks fun and cool! Well done!

  2. Hey, I couldn't find your mail adres but I want to let you know I gave you the versatile award.


  3. Miss L, Im glad I wasnt the only one! I guess sometimes things happen without even trying:)Thanks!

    Polish and Charms, Thanks sweetie!

    Thanks you so much, DutchNailPolish! its or I check that one every 2 seconds,lol. Thanks again!

  4. I have some nail art plates how can use them?

  5. HI christina,

    Nail art plates are fun:) You should go to ebay for a product called Konad. It is what you need to have to use your nail art plates. YOu can get knock off versions on ebay as well. You dont need to buy konad polishes, just use a nail polish that has some thickness to it. I hope this helps!


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