Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just a quickie! (not that kind..get your head out of the gutter!)

I bought beetle from Hard Candy a long time ago, when it was RARE. Now you see them all the time when you go into Walmart.

The color is just gorgeous! It looks purple, no wait now it looks green.. but wait again.. it's a shimmery brown.

I put the glittery pink topcoat on just to try something. Its not a polish, its just that super fine glitter that came in packets of about 16 colors for 5$ that I scored in AC Moore awhile back( seriously guys, if you go to AC Moore, buy this glitter).

What I did was coat my nails in a normal topcoat and then I dipped my nail in the glitter. I used this awesome topcoat on top of the glitter that I got in Japan called Etti Sais. Renee told me to get this, and I am glad. It makes your nails look crazy nice and shiny.. the good kind of crazy though!
I just tried it on the glitter nail as I had already put my Seche Vite on my other nails. And you can see a huge difference. My ring finger was 3x as thick as my other fingers polish wise. I am very glad I bought this!

Okay, off to bed, it's almost 2am.. Yeesh. Night!


  1. I felt so lucky finding this color it's so beautiful I wanna get a backup, love your pink glitter I never thought to do that so cool I will have to try!

  2. Polish and Charms,
    Ive had it for a year now, and this is the first time ive used it! I officially have to stop buying nail polish...after christmas,lol.

    Thanks! I know this color is just mesmerizing. I was outside yesterday rotating my fingers to see the colors change, i must have looked like an idiot though!


  3. I see this everytime I go to Walmart but yet I never buy it. I may have to now!

    GFC: **katiebug**

  4. Myownkatiebug,

    GET IT! best 4-5$ on a np ever. I went to walmart at least 5 times before i found it. It was htf and i wasnt going to give into the ebay turds that were selling it for 20+! So next time you go, nab it, and mr.wrong. Another duochrome that is gorgeous!


  5. This is a gorgeous color and I love the accent nail!!