Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Well, HOLO There!

I've had this semi-fascination with holos, but always felt that they just don't work with my skin tone. Not sure why. Anybody else feel this way? I do remember buying these by the armload back when Sally Hansen released the prisms collection, and thinking it was the greatest thing since triscuits. I just had a swap with a super awesome chicka and she sent me so many extras, and was actually able to dig up some DS holos by OPI in a beauty supply store, so she got me two! One is DS Sapphire, the other is DS Original. I swatched one, and wow I just fell in love. Screw bad skin tones, there is no way on earth anybody could not be drawn to this nail polish. These are just as the Sally Hanson Prisms collection were, with even prettier colors IMO.

This is OPI's DS Original-

Click me!

You MUST click this one to see full size! I insist :)

Also we want to keep you updated, we are still working on getting all the entries together so we can announce our winners, and we are going to start working on our next giveaway, which we will inform everyone of once we've reached 500 followers. We were going to do 300, but we just don't have the time to do a giveaway following so soon after we've just completed our last one! We sure wish we could! But we hope 500 comes soon, and spread the word! We are going to do THREE prizes this time around, and first prize winner gets to choose from all 3. Stay tuned!


  1. Holos clash with skintone? Never even considered such a thing. :) This one is gorgeous!

  2. I love holos & glitters...
    Is that CND stickey? I have one too and it's my favourite base!

  3. Can holos clash with skintones? That's like asking a woman if she doesn't like chocolate! This is gorgeous on you...Do more!

  4. I've seen this polish so many times on different blogs, but I still love it! Holos are just amazing, I think they always look good :)

  5. I'm dieing here!!! I am going to buy this polish NOW!