Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dorothy who? More like Dorothy..SAY WHAT?

So apparently, I have discovered that pretty much any nail polish will look a million times more amazing with black underneath it. As you saw from my post with Zoya Faye, black just brings out the color so much more! Also it saves about 20 coats of said polish.

I bought Dorothy Who? last year and I have to say it is one of the most gorgeous colors that china glaze has put out, but the sad fact is,  that you have to use about 5 coats to even look like what's in the bottle. So I thought, I wonder what it would look like if I put black as a base first. And VOILA!
I just can not get over how amazing this looks. And I am telling you, to the people who spent over 20$ for Chanel Black Satin, NYC makes an amazing black polish for 99 cents. Just saying.

But I'm going to keep this a short one, I'm just dealing with something private at the moment and I have a buttload of school assignments. I can not wait for June 17th, where I can call myself a college grad:) But ta ta for now ladies...(and gents!)


  1. love it! black is an awesome base color! I use it for Sinful Color glitters and it gives them a totally different look.

  2. oh yeah, I forgot... I love Wet n' Wild's black! try it! also really cheap! :)

  3. Thanks Nolitoshy:) I will def use them for the sinful color glitters, as I just got a whole bunch a few weeks ago.

    I will check out your blog:)

  4. Love the idea of layering Dorothy Who? and Faye over black. I'm definitely going to have to try that.

  5. Pretty!! That's such a great idea, I never even thought about that, I'll have to try it. Majolica Majorca makes a good cheap black too (though not as cheap as NYC, I love me some cheap basics!)