Saturday, December 11, 2010

Showing some wintery love on my nails

Hmm wintery, is that even a word? Oh well, lets say it is. So now that Christmas is upon us very soon, I'm starting to get in the Christmas spirit. I painted my nails a very opalish color, that looks like a pearlish color from a far, but when looked at closely it has hints of pink, blue and gold.. ah opal purty-ness.
But to add a finishing touch, I added snowflakes on my ring fingers, to really get in the mood.
The design is pretty basic, just strokes of a plain white detailing NP, and some amazing silver glitter nail polish from OPI for Sephora in Flurry Up! I mean look at those chunks of silver..
A very simple manicure for the cold winter months... or wintery in my case;-)
Also, another thing that's great about light colors is that when they are starting to chip or show tip wear, it's not as noticeable (especially for lazy people like myself who don't stay on top of their manicures!)

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