Friday, December 10, 2010


Well Im one of the girls from this blog, who as you can tell as a wee bit of an obsession with nail polish... for many many years now. My obsession started somewhere when I was about 13ish... I bought the wet n wild version of sky blue from Hard Candy.. The bottle lasted about 2 weeks. I painted my nails almost every day with the color, toe nails included.
Photo from
From there it was brands like Brucci, Emerge(remember them?!) and of course Wet n Wild( hey 99¢ for a bottle of nail polish, can't beat that!) After that I moved onto brands like Jane, Revlon, Streetwear, and Loreal.. This was a great way to find out that just because it cost more, doesn't mean its better..(I'm looking at you, Revlon)
For a while I amassed a nice collection of nail polish but due to me being an idiot and not screwing on the caps tight enough, a lot of my beautiful nail polished dried out and were tossed..(where was nail polish renewal drops then?)
After a few years, I took a small sabbatical from nail polish and started another obsession.. make up. But now that it has been a few years, I have recently got back into my nail polish addiction, er collecting.. and here are just a few favorites brands of mine:
Opi by Sephora-

AMAZING colors and the quality is bar none one of the best I have used:

Probably one of my favorite brands-
Seriously.. look at those colors. Are they not complete eye candy?

And with sad regrets, I must add the nail polish that I am not a fan of.. Revlon. I'm sorry to report this ...but Revlon's colors are amazing, but the formula in my opinion is crap. A- it takes forever to dry, even with speed drops and B- when it does finally dry, its peeling by day two. I remember I bought this color called Blackberry by them. Look at this gorgeous red color:
It was even more beautiful in real life, but it also peeled off the entire nail by the next day. Even though I used a base coat and top coat.. so I never used it again and it dried up and got... tossed. But that is a tale for another day, you should be getting a post from Julie very sooon..
Ta ta for now...

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  1. I know the one you're talking about, I had it then (and still have it!) It was called Iris, from their Crystallic line. Love!