Saturday, May 3, 2014

Collection post!

I've been meaning to show my collection of my babies, errr I mean my polishes, but I didn't want to be a bragger and show off. I'm always jumping on a near by soap box talking about bragging and how much I loath it! I think it's a middle child thing, who knows. I just hate bragging, but I figured this is a nail blog, and showing your nail polish would be exciting, and hopefully not go over into bragging territory.

Do you think I like Zoya?

It makes me so sad that OPI for Sephora is done-zo. They had a great formula, and you can tell that I used them a lot! My fave being the Perdiot dupe Sage is just a number. And Mermaid to order. I love those colors! 

My small collection of Nubar, OPI and China Glaze. I do like those brands but Zoya is my love! I also have a few other brands in there, like a N Fu oh  (awesome holographic nail polish)

Tink hanging out, like you do. She loves her "Pixie Dust" Haha get it? :P

ESSIES! I am starting to get more into Essie, since they have become more adventurous with different colors and textures. They used to be so blah and blend, but the last few collections have been amazing! There is a single Martini nails polish that is very pretty but I wasn't crazy about the application. And my only Color Club, poor CC.. I need to get more of them in the future. And my Butter London polishes, which I love but wish they weren't so pricey. 

A barielle called Elle's Spell, gorgeous flakie gifted from Julie! My revlon scented polishes (the green one gifted from Tarah, and my Marc Jacobs Nail polish from Reneeeee. And MY CHANELS!

All gifts from my boss on her travels, I can't bring myself to buy one for myself... Vendetta is a purple that is really hard to photograph. Grrrr.

Confession time, this isn't my whole collection. I've got an Ikea helmer filled with three draws. But I thought I would do that for another post. Pace myself. Okay that's it for now!

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