Saturday, March 30, 2013

small collection post (well kinda....)

I took a quick snap of my wall nail polish collection ( I have more nail polishes in my Ikea Helmer).
All my Zoyas... my favorite polishes make the rack. Once in a while I will switch in and out polishes, but the Zoyas always stay. I am a Zoya whore!

If you are wondering about the gaps, its polishes at the bottom, that I have worn, so I know in the future not to where again for a few months. Don't judge me, it's my system!


  1. haha i am the same way except with essie!

  2. my essies are growing, mostly because I love the new colors that are coming out! Thanks for commenting:D

  3. haha we all have our loves mine is sinful colors i always display my many of them since theyre so cheap!