Sunday, May 19, 2013

Manicure fails including mine.

 I was on pintersest before and when i say before I mean all night (kidding...Kinda) and I came across this:
And it made me think of the Halloween manicure that I did a few years back (old). 

Not going to lie, the above one is cuter than mine! But I will admit that I have had my own manicure fails so its glad to know that I am not the only one out there that has had one.

My horrible attempt at konading. Honestly the only reason I posted it because it was Clarins Unicorn pee, but yeah that Konad is complete manicure fail!  So what was your manicure fail?


  1. Water marbling seems to be my biggest challenge - and I felt exactly like on the first picture when I tried last :D

  2. Oh water marbling! I kinda got the hang of it, but it was a disaster at first. I also think its a lot of work for one nail, i love my nail art, but yeah "aint no one got time for that!" Lol Thanks for commenting Rainbowify!