Friday, July 6, 2012

Essie Bossa Nova

I took my aunt for a manicure and pedicure for her anniversary, at first I was just going to get a pedicure but when I saw how disgusting my cuticles had gotten I gave in and got a manicure as well. The place that I go to by my grandma's finally got new polishes, some OPI DS's and the new Essies as well. When I spotted "Lights" I oohed and aaahed but then I spotted "Super Bossa Nova" and grabbed it instead. For some reason I have been gravitating towards bright creme colors, it's not a bad thing per say but very un me!


I got a little nail art as well. I swear I could practice all day everyday and still not be anywhere as good as the woman who work there. They are so amazing! I watched as this woman did butterflies on this customers fingers. I practically had to wipe away the drool. Ah day.. one day.

But this is a short one today, I'm heading to the Bronx to see my sister and preparing for this horrible heat wave we are having on the east coast..BLERG!


  1. Very pretty mani. i love the design on the accent finger. Can you describe how the woman who made your nails did it?

  2. Hey:)

    No prob, She used black, white and a multi glitter striping nail polish. (the ones you get from Sally Beauty supply) the key is be as fast as you can with the strokes. If you drag the brush it will make thick goopy lines. And she always started outwards to inwards. Its all about speed, and here I thought it was better if you went slower and took your time. I hope that helped, next time I will def. try and get a video of her doing it (if she lets me of course!)


  3. Love the nails! I'm obsessed with nail polish, whenever I see nail polish I need to have it :)


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