Monday, June 18, 2012

Swap with Lilwen from MUT Nail Polish

Just a short one today.  I did a little swap with Lilwen from Makeup Talk a few months ago, (we're in the middle of another one now, yay!) and while going through my Flickr I came across this picture and realized I forgot to post the polishes I got in it.

Swap with Lilwen from MUT 2 Nail Polish by KitaRei
She sent me three of her favorites, Kiko Frozen Nail Laquer in Iced Black 06, Kiko Nail Laquer Azzurro Ceruleo 295, and Essence Colour & Go Date With The Night 45. Erika said she heard Essence Date With The Night is a good dupe for Chanel Haute Chocolate-awesome!  I specially requested Kiko as I heard their cosmetics were amazing.  Swatches to come :)


  1. Can´t wait to see the swatches. Kiko blue polish seems very pretty!

  2. Thanks everyone :) That blue one does look awesome doesn't it? I'm thinking how to incorporate it into a summer look ^^