Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beauty Concepts Peach Shimmer

I got this polish at Dollar Tree back in March. It was nameless, so I named it.  It's an iridescent shimmer with a super sheer peachy-pink jelly base in a cute rose shaped bottle.  It sounds really pretty, but I learned a lesson, this is a TOPCOAT only.  The peachy tones in it made my nails look disgustingly yellow (I swear they are NOT that color, nor do they have dirt under them) and I'll layer it over white or another polish from now on.  I'm almost too embarrassed to post this picture, but I have to show what this looks like on it's own.  
Beauty Concepts Peach Shimmer by KitaRei
Beauty Concepts Peach Shimmer, a photo by KitaRei on Flickr.

The label under the bottle says: Distributed by Greenbrier International Inc., Chesapeake, Va. 23320.  It does not say the brand name.
Click to enlarge second picture.  If you do get this, trust me, layer it-it would probably look great over white, light pink or light peach. I'm going to have to try that, I'm sure it will be *much* better!


  1. I love the colour!! I don't think I would wear it on it's own.

    1. Yeah, it's actually a pretty color-just needs be layered! I'm going to try it over white the next time I wear it.