Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mischa by Zoya

I ordered this last year but it is the first time I am using it! Here is the information from zoya:
I did not realize that it was only a 2 on the intensity level, so you can guess how many coats it took to get to this:

Four Coats.

Yep, four coats. But it's so pretty so I forgive you Zoya! I also put a coat of Fairy Dust from China Glaze on top. I mean, I just had too. Mind the cuticles, I ran out of cuticle oil, and I'm really not a huge fan of trimming them (I'll let the professionals take care of that...)

It's a great color, but I think it would look amazing over white or black! If you have a ton of patience, which I do because I watch children everyday, then this would make a great addition to your nail polish collection! But okay, off to watch some TV (addict over here!)
Tata for now!


  1. ooh I like the colour but too bad about the sheerness! I'd want to see it over light or hot pink, too :O

  2. That is beautiful! Wow, they tell you the intensity of the colours? That is awesome!

  3. Hey Exah,
    Oo! I will have to try that, I didnt even think of hot pink, great idea:)

    Dont you wish all nail polish companies did that? I think thats why zoya is my favorite brand, they try and be honest about their nail polishes!