Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chanel Black Pearl

Hi everyone!
Unfortunately, I didn't get to wear the Japanese 3D nails last time..
I was going to wear them to my friend Yapa's going away party/Akiko and Jaci's birthday party, but there was a LOT going on that day, and I accidentally forgot them at home. Next party, I promise!

This time, I'm going to post something special, my first high end polish!. It was a little treat to myself at the duty-free. A beautiful slightly shimmery pearly dark turquoise. I must have good taste, because a few weeks after I bought this, Erika told me (and showed me) that it was featured in an article as being the "it" color of the season in NY. ::awesome:: taste- I haz it hehe
Chanel Black Pearl
Chanel Black Pearl, a photo by KitaRei on Flickr.

Thanks for reading :)

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