Monday, May 16, 2011

Just another manic Monday~

So here's something to "brighten" your day!
Don't mind the chipped thumb nail, it's still growing out from where I cracked it last month ^^;;

So, this manicure was in one of my books that I have, so I decided to try it. It was in the chapter of "fresh" look manicures, due to the bright contrasting colors and patterns, and it was inspired by the color of fruit juice.

A little background about this color, don't trust fluorescent lighting. I bought this thinking it was a salmon-y color, and it was neon orange. I know there are fans of neon polish out there, and I actually really like neon blue, pink, and purple, but I'm not the biggest fan of neon orange (please don't hate me, everyone has one thing they don't like!) and I wanted the salmon-y orange for this mani, so it's now a franken. Here's a swatch:
AC #10 swatch
Believe it or not, before I painted this mani, I added a total of about 8 drops each of pink and white polish, some before the swatch and some after, and it hadn't changed much.. it's a tough one, but I do like the color it is now.

"Fresh" juice inspired mani by KitaRei
"Fresh" juice inspired mani, a photo by KitaRei on Flic

The orange base color is from AC. For the random pink and white glittery circles, (some of them are two-toned, from this pic it's hard to tell) I used the awful Diamond Nail Homei and New York Color Polyester Pink Creme, and topped it of with Nailene top coat.


  1. Lovely blog<3

    The background is so unique!
    It took me 2 seconds to make out
    that it was open nail polish bottles! lol

  2. Orange is my least favourite nail polish color as well. Neons are great for summer though.

  3. I will give this a shot, even though I tried to change the color a bit it didn't seem to make a difference, but it really is growing on me!

    Thanks Marika, ::checks out blog:: :)