Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nail Polish Spill Equals Beautiful Disaster

Now that I'm high as a kite from the fumes, I can show you why dropping a box of nail polish can become art. ;) My clumsy mistake as usual, I was placing my nail polish case on the shelf and it came crashing down. The casualty of this fall was a Zoya swatch. I snapped a few photos, and used acetone to clean it from the floor. Pee-you. It was stinky, and now I have a headache. But so worth it for these shots! Does anybody else see some art in these or is it just me? lol


  1. Oh wow... I hope you didn't hurt yourself!!!

  2. Ah I dropped a blue polish on my floor yesterday! :/ now I have blue grout!! oh well! Poor Zoya though!

  3. I totally see the beauty in the spill! And I love the use of the 311 song title, Beautiful Disaster :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees random things like a polish spill as artistic and pretty haha. RIP Zoya, but thanks for the pretty pics!

  4. Hehe, yes, RIP Zoya! I am going to order a new one. That is one swatch I absolutely have to perpetually keep in my collection!

    lol thanks Jana! It was tough to clean up - I know most people will see a NP spill and immediately think "disaster diversion time!" but not me. It's "ooooh pretty look at the color and the broke glass...lemme grab my camera!" :)