Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Butterfly wing nail art( or at least my attempt at it) (Erika)

I went on FB a few weeks ago, just to spend a few minutes(coughhackhours) looking at nail polish pics. I noticed that Julie had "Liked" a few pics, so the nosey person I am, I went to see what else was posted, haha. After about 10 mins of looking, I found this tutorial by the amazing elenaeris:

Instantly I wanted to try it! So fast forward a few weeks( hey even if with nail polish I drag my heels, really got to try to work on that whole procrastination thing...) and here are the results:

The nail polishes I used are:
Sally Hansen Insta-dry 430 Brisk Blue
Kiss Nail art (black)
Kiss Nail art (white)
Color Club nail art (opal glitter)

This is my first experience with the Zoya color lock system. I have to say I'm impressed! The remover is amazing! Non drying and no god awful toxic smell. My favorite is the base coat called Armor. It really grabs the color and leave a nice and smooth finish. I am a little bias about the speed drops. I don't think it really helped in the fast dry dept. But overall, its a great set for a person who is starting out with building a nail polish collection(or obsession..tomato..tomoto)

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