Saturday, November 28, 2020



After many various failed blogs, or collabarations, lets try this again. My name is Erika and Im a nanny to 11 year old twin girls in New York. Im an art school graduate and well as you can see that went swimmingly. 

Honestly Im just too scared to put myself out there because there is so much talent in the art world, that you just fade into the background.

Being a nanny is hard, people think its just a 9-5 job, but its more like a when you wake up till when you lay down job.

So hopefully, lets try this again, and I will do a nail polish collection post very soon! If you are interested in seeing anything else, please let me know!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Purply cult nails goodness

It does seem a shame that I haven't posted in a bit, I AM working on it I promise. Another shame? That a few weeks ago my hands were all pretty with some Cult Nails goodness, and now my nails are a peeling mess. Working with my hands on the regular, plus moving into a new apartment, plus helping my friend/roommate AND her mom move as well has been hell on them. Not for lack of trying though, I've been coating my nails on the regular with Duri Rejuvacote. But the banging around has been a bit too much to take. But, this polish... this polish... I want to wear it all the time.

Cult Nails - My Kind of Kool Aid needs to live on my nails for the rest of my life. Now Cult nails has a consistent rotation of limited edition colors, that are all awesome. But this one is permanent, and I can see why. It's just so pretty and flattering, and flows onto the nails like silk. Even a klutz-o like myself can manage it.

This baby lasted on my nails with minor tip wear , even with the abuse given to them at the time. So, if you haven't joined the Cult yet you should get on their website TODAY because they have a kick ass sale going on. 40 % off Limited Edition colors with the code FLASH48, or 20% off sitewide with the code CELEBRATE. Plus purchases of 20 bucks gets you free shipping. You won't regret it man.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Collection post!

I've been meaning to show my collection of my babies, errr I mean my polishes, but I didn't want to be a bragger and show off. I'm always jumping on a near by soap box talking about bragging and how much I loath it! I think it's a middle child thing, who knows. I just hate bragging, but I figured this is a nail blog, and showing your nail polish would be exciting, and hopefully not go over into bragging territory.

Do you think I like Zoya?

It makes me so sad that OPI for Sephora is done-zo. They had a great formula, and you can tell that I used them a lot! My fave being the Perdiot dupe Sage is just a number. And Mermaid to order. I love those colors! 

My small collection of Nubar, OPI and China Glaze. I do like those brands but Zoya is my love! I also have a few other brands in there, like a N Fu oh  (awesome holographic nail polish)

Tink hanging out, like you do. She loves her "Pixie Dust" Haha get it? :P

ESSIES! I am starting to get more into Essie, since they have become more adventurous with different colors and textures. They used to be so blah and blend, but the last few collections have been amazing! There is a single Martini nails polish that is very pretty but I wasn't crazy about the application. And my only Color Club, poor CC.. I need to get more of them in the future. And my Butter London polishes, which I love but wish they weren't so pricey. 

A barielle called Elle's Spell, gorgeous flakie gifted from Julie! My revlon scented polishes (the green one gifted from Tarah, and my Marc Jacobs Nail polish from Reneeeee. And MY CHANELS!

All gifts from my boss on her travels, I can't bring myself to buy one for myself... Vendetta is a purple that is really hard to photograph. Grrrr.

Confession time, this isn't my whole collection. I've got an Ikea helmer filled with three draws. But I thought I would do that for another post. Pace myself. Okay that's it for now!

Friday, May 2, 2014

My most favorite nail art post!

I can't believe its been like 3 years since I did this! Man time flies when you are painting your nails way too much. I always want to redo this one and maybe since spring has finally sprung, I can give it another go.

I really had a fun time with this one, it was really simple but yielded professional looks. If anyone wants me to do a quick tutorial, please comment and let me know. Maybe try with different colors?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Gel Nails.. #thisjusthappened.

Yes, you read it here. I finally gave in and got a gel manicure. I think after a week of non-stop craziness with the girls I nanny for, it was well deserved, and cheap to boot!
The process was very relaxing, I didn't feel rushed to pick a color, and they said I picked a color that was good for my skin tone.
When I sat down, the lady who did my nails was named Tina and she said I had very nice nails and they were smooth and had a nice shape (THANK YOU NAIL ENVY). At first I thought maybe she was being nice for a tip, but then she said to my boss, who goes there every 2 weeks, very bluntly that her nails looked very bad (she was right, they were a hot mess). After that I knew she was speaking her mind, and not buttering me up for a tip.

She shaped them in the "squval" shape, and neatened my cuticles. And applied the base gel coat, it went in the lamp for about a minute and then applied the color which is called A GRAPE FIT by OPI. I knew I wanted something purple when I walked in, and they had a ton of purples to choose from. I love this color so much I think I may get the nail polish version of it, its a bit darker then planks a lot from them, which I own. Basically it was a base protective coat, 2 coats of A GRAPE FIT, and then  top coat that was cured in an UV Lamp. I know there is a ton of OMG they are bad for you, so I didn't go in there, with no idea about the risks. But I plan on making this a special occasion thing. Yeah I know.. I know.. Overall the whole process took about 20 minutes. I also had a hand massage as well. It was heaven.  So overall, a wonderful experience :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Sally Hansen Triple Shine Palm Beach jellies in Grape Jelly.

Do yo remember about 15 years ago, omg why did I date myself.. when Maybelline came to with Maybelline waters  They were awesome. I bought like 4 of them, but the red was my favorite. I miss them.

Well a few months ago, news that Sally Hansen was bringing the tinted nail polish back (and OPI too...) and I was like ...what? So I bought one, the purple one. I had high hopes for this one, but its a fail polish.

Mind the cuticles.

This was after 8 coats. YES EIGHT COATS. Its very subtle but I thought seriously 8 coats? Not impressed. I will try it over a white nail polish next time. Come on Sally, get it together!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hi everyone, thank you Tarah for posting. I've been a bit MIA lately and no excuses! (well one.. two problems..) It's hard to gather enthusiasm  when you have a throbbing tooth almost everyday. Ive been to the dentist and the outlook is grim.. root canals. Im going to be very poor the next few months. blerg. I did want to throw up a quick blog post to show that we are still alive, still living la Vida loca (maybe) and still painting up a storm! Here are a few manicures Ive done in the past month, that I will do a separate post on!